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A new way to help the planet.

Before you buy something online from your favorite merchant, visit our site first, click the merchant’s link from our list and purchase as normal. That’s it.

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How Does This All Work?

It’s really very easy. Here’s the basics:

You know you want to buy something from a big online website like an electric kick scooter.

You visit first and click the link to your where you’re going to buy the item.

You buy the item from them (not us).

That’s it.

So what happened? Why does this help the planet and how does make money to use in environmental cleanups?

When you click the links on our website it’s tracked by the website you are about to visit. It’s track so specifically that they know you came from us first. When you buy something from them they give us a commission, usually about 10% of the sale price.

There’s no extra cost to you. The price of the item is still the same and you don’t have to worry about us giving you good customer service. You can still purchase from your favorite suppliers and know that you did something good.


Here’s Our List of Suppliers

First of all, OMG thank you! Thank you so much for considering the use of our website. It’s my dream to spend my days helping the planet and you’re about to make that a reality for me so… OMG thank you!

Don’t see your link here? Please email and we’ll get it posted right away.

Do you own a website for your business?

We’d like to link to your website!

Click Here

Add your website to our directory, it’s a one time fee of $5

Links to your website are one of the most important factors in getting listed higher in the search engines. No reciprocal link is required and this is a permanent one way link.

Product Reviewers Needed – You’re Hired!

As a hobby site, our goal is to list every product on the internet in one place with quality reviews and information.

Want to learn how to make money online and get paid while you learn?

Yep, you can do this from home and make your own hours. We’re currently paying $1 for every product you can add to our system and $0.50 for each review. 

Please send an email to saying you’d like to join the program. We pay via paypal and e-transfer only at this time. We don’t need your resume or a long email describing “why you’re a good fit” If you love nature and want to help us become huge then you’re a good fit.

What are we doing with the money?

Cleaning up the planet one beach, trail and forest at a time.

Our mission: To build a fund so large, it can fund itself.

Do you know what a dividend payment is? It’s when you buy a share of a company like these ones:

Once you own the share you are entitled to a piece of the their profits legally. When you own an icecream shop it’s the same thing only you own all of the shares and all of the profits. With dividend paying stocks, you get a payment from the company each month, sometimes just once every 3 months.

The dividends are what pays for the cleanup efforts.

All of the money that comes in from our members of the directory go directly into purchasing shares like this. This is the best way to have a clean up fund going because as long as we own those shares, we will have money coming in to pay cleaners REGARDLESS of how many people are signing up for the directory or clicking our affiliate links. In otherwords, we’re planning for a rainy day.

It’s going to take a long time to build up this fund but with the first few dollars we will start cleaning up the ocean. The fund will grow and so will the clean ups.

This dividend thing sounds interesting

How can you start making money like the super rich? Easy, just open up a account and start buying up stocks. Use the list from the link in the previous section to find good dividend paying stocks.

We will also be opening up a section in the forum just for this. Just getting started? No problem, we love helping new people with this.