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You are awesome! You’re out there in the world with a mission and you’re trying to make a difference. Let us know what some of your biggest challenges are and lets put our heads together!

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Planet Lovers

If you’re out there cleaning up we want to help! We pay for advertising to help your clean up events. Lets get more people to help you.

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How This Works

People come to this website looking for help with their hobbies. We do everything we can to help them, because we love helping people.

During their time here they will be exposed to quality advertising. All of the money generated from this goes to paying for planet clean up. In some cases it will go to scientists who need a little help.

Scientists can come to this website seeking help also. Feel free to tell people all about what you do and the challenges you currently face.

Profit sharing happens on this website also. Anyone who is in need of a work from home job can find help here. We allow people to earn money while helping others. If someone is willing to look up products out in the world that might help your hobby or your science we want them to get paid.

Don’t worry we do the paying. This website will always be free to hobbyists, scientists and readers. It’s open source.

If you want to see more people like the image above out cleaning up, building habitat for wildlife and taking care of the planet please join our forums and contribute! The money from the advertising will be spent on making sure the planet will be around for generations to come.

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