The Beginning

This website was started as a way to sell hobby parts and supplies. Our passion is fun, but with a planet crisis looming in the future there won’t be any fun for anyone if we don’t start acting on a cleanup effort.

Our Goal

To make it effortless for people to support our cause. We wanted to be the first to have a way for someone to give us money without having to give us money.

What do you mean, without having to give you money?

If you’re planning on buying something you want or need, wouldn’t it be great if you could make a portion of the cost go to helping the planet instead of it all going to some giant greedy company?

This is exactly how we’re funded


You’re about to buy a new fitness watch that syncs up with your phone and you’ve found it on amazon or ebay. The cost is $59 for the one you want. It’s on ebay and you can’t wait to get it. You think, oh yeah I’m going to help LifeTime hobbies! Those guys are great! You type in and click the ebay link on the first page. You purchase your watch for $59. The link you clicked on our website is tracked by ebay, amazon and banggood. They give us a commission for sending you their way. The cost is exactly the same to you! You don’t have to pay us a membership fee or do anything other than shop your brains out. It only takes a thought, to visit our website and you’ve done something amazing to help the planet.

We’re also building the largest selection of products that have unbiased reviews, good or bad. Check out your products here at first before buying them.