Who are we?

Hi I’m Ryan and these are my little scientists Olia and Abel. These two little amazing people came into our lives and changed our world. Which is the point of all this, to change the world and leave it a little better than how we found it.

Our Goal

To make it effortless for people to support our cause. We wanted to be the first to have a way for someone to give us money without having to give us money.

It’s a strange concept I know but hopefully it will catch on.

Commissions are what big companies give us when someone from this website visits another site and buys something. We have special links that are tracked with code.

We’re using these commissions to make the world a better place. From garbage pick ups along the shore to autonomous drones watching for illegal fishing. We do it all and I can’t wait to show you.

This is exactly how we’re funded


You’re about to buy a new fitness watch that syncs up with your phone and you’ve found it on amazon or ebay. The cost is $59 for the one you want. It’s on ebay and you can’t wait to get it. You think, oh yeah I’m going to help LifeTime hobbies! Those guys are great! You type in lifetimehobbies.com and click the ebay link on the first page. You purchase your watch for $59. The link you clicked on our website is tracked by ebay, amazon and banggood. They give us a commission for sending you their way. The cost is exactly the same to you! You don’t have to pay us a membership fee or do anything other than shop your brains out. It only takes a thought, to visit our website and you’ve done something amazing to help the planet.

We’re also building the largest selection of products that have unbiased reviews, good or bad. Check out your products here at LifeTimeHobbies.com first before buying them.

Want to see what we’re up to?

We have so many amazing projects on the go like long range wildlife observation cameras (donated to amazing causes). We post articles on how to build these cameras for super cheap for anyone to utilize for their cause.

We have long range drones that scan the mountain sides for rare and endangered wildlife. We want to help bring back populations of all species in need.

Does the idea of garbage floating around the ocean make you sick? Yeah me too. That’s why I started building long range drones that can help people detect large patches of floating garbage. We record the GPS location and send the boats, Well not yet we can’t afford the boats right now. But as we grow, you can watch and come along on our adventures. We plan to spend the money we make on what you want. Don’t be afraid to send us an email letting us know what important to you.

Virtual Tours

This is one of my favorite hobbies. I started doing this to make money in real estate photography. The virtual tours helped home owners to sell their house. I enjoyed the work but it didn’t have the kind of purpose I wanted in life.

I changed course, virtual tours that showed the beauty of the forest, the awe inspiring scenes underwater and the colors of nature became my new path. I wanted to DO something to help the planet and one avenue was to virtually preserve the beauty of the world. The idea came to mind when I saw the damage a wind storm had done to Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island, BC where I call home. I said to myself, someone needs to preserve that forest somehow while we still have it. And then I realized that someone was me.

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