Step 1

You’re planning on buying something online that you’ve always wanted, it can be just about anything. Like a new table set.

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Step 2

You are awesome enough to think, oh yeah I should help out Life Time Hobbies. You visit our website and click the link to the website you’re about to order from like Amazon or Ebay.

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Step 3

You purchase the product you want at the price you were planning to pay, no extra cost to you at all. A portion of the purchase price now goes to us as a commission. We use 100% of that money to help cleanup and protect our planet!

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A new way to support a cause

What an amazing world we live in, you can now be a part of something incredible without any cost to you. It will take about 5 seconds to visit us and click the link you want.

You can feel great about DOING something to help the world.

We’re very new, this is a totally new concept that no one else has attempted yet. It’s bonkers, a company that wants to do cleanup efforts but doesn’t want the contributors to have to pay anything out of pocket… and commissions are the way to do it.

As we grow we will post photos and stories of our clean up adventures. We can’t wait to show off the amazing efforts our people are doing. We won’t have any volunteers helping us, everyone will be paid.

Beach cleanups is where this really all started out.

I went for a walk on a nice clean beach in Nanoose Bay, BC with wife and twin 2 year old boys. We thought it was a nice clean beach… when we looked close in the seaweed and started picking up plastic and Styrofoam we realized how much garbage there was if you just looked.

If you want to see more people like the image above out cleaning up, building habitat for wildlife and on patrol for illegal fishing/hunting then click the image above and buy anything you like! A portion will go to Life Time Hobbies and all of that portion will be spent on making sure the planet will be around for generations to come.

What is life time hobbies all about?
Here’s how it started:
The Name? Life Time means fun. It’s when you think of “life” as being a positive and amazing experience. So when it’s time to have fun, it’s “Life Time” and not as much is reference to your length of life but tied in with it. We hope you get to experience a lot of “life time” in your lifetime. Basically think of it like this, if you don’t like your job very much, it’s the opposite of “work time” so when you’re done work for the day you can say “Finally… it’s LIFE time!”
1. We love hobbies and sports, anything fun or geek relate
2. We love helping people, we start reviewing hobby products
3. We loved warning people of crappy products

Next Steps…

Decide on your next hobby or toy. What is that YOU want to get next?

A new smart watch? Click the image below and you’ve helped us! It’s that easy!

Or maybe you want a brand new amazing cell phone?

Want to help in other ways?

Great! We need product reviews. Take a look at our listing of thousands of products for something you’ve purchased in the past. Once you’re on the product page you can scroll to the bottom and write about your experience with it.

We’re not just protecting the planet we’re protecting hobbyists from buying and wasting money on junk. We’re not biased towards any products because we don’t sell any of them. We do reviews on hobby products only.

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