We have a few main goals:
1. Protect the environment in any way we can.
2. Help scientists, environmentalists, naturalists and hobbyists with their projects.
3. Provide unbiased hobby product reviews to protect consumers from crappy companies.

We use the last goal to help pay for the first two goals. When you click links from this website and purchase products a small portion goes to us in the form of a commission. We use 100% of that money to pay for research, equipment and garbage site pick ups. Keep reading to see what we’ve done so far.

Zooniverse Contributions

Ryan Ruttan – Founder of LTH, I spend at least an hour a day volunteering on zooniverse.org Not only is it an amazing way to relax but you can feel like you start each day really helping a good cause that’s close to your heart. Most of my projects have something to do with wildlife protection and identification. Please consider signing up and helping an amazing science project that you’re interested in, you can make a huge difference!
Ryan’s Profile – Say hello!

The blue hat was found on the west coast of Canada, Either a tourist lost it here or it floated a LONG way from home. This was a 20 minute walk on beach we assumed was a pristine environment. It was my family’s first garbage walk, even the next bag was found as a way to carry it all. We had no intention of picking up garbage when we set out, but the hat drew my attention and that started it.

Garbage Pick Up

As a kid I used to get a lot of garbage duty from acting out in school. Now I wish I could go back to that time and tell myself “Don’t worry, you’ll love doing this in the future” Haha.

All you need to do is head to your favorite beach, park or river system and take a walk. Keep your eyes on the ground, it’s unreal how much small plastic garbage there is.

The reward is something you can’t understand until you try it.

Virtual Tours

Creating virtual tours is a passion of mine, it’s really fun to be able to turn the pictures in any direction you want and then explore by clicking forward to move in that direction. Check out the virtual tour that I did for an amazing forest called Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island by clicking the image below.

Click the image below and wait for it to load.
To see it full screen click the little square in the bottom right corner of the window.
Click on the screen and hold the button down while moving the mouse in any direction. Let go once you’re looking in the direction you want.
Click the screen anywhere once to move in that direction.

Uses for these virtual tours include:
Awareness for parks and wildlife. People love these tours and we can give away free space inside them to non-profit organizations and charities. Once inside the tour above you will notice blue sign posts along the trail that you can click and read. These posts give links to places like Marmots.org

Preserving – Capturing the beauty of our ecosystems digitally is a great way to make sure we can learn as much as possible about this planet. When big changes happen and we have virtual tours from the past to wonder through in 3D it’s hard to explain how much you can observe.

Learning – 3D virtual tours are amazing at grabbing the attention of young ones. It makes learning about forests super fun! If any teachers out there want a custom virtual tour created just contact ryan@lifetimehobbies.com and I’ll get it done!