• FXT FX805-OSD 600TVL NTSC AIO 5.8GHz 25mW 37CH Raceband Camera Vtx Combo Built-In OSD Support PWM
The FX805 5.8Ghz 25mW 40CH Camera & Video Transmitter is an amazing bit of technology and the newest version of this cam replacing the previous model, FX805. Perfect for ultra micro aircraft like the Tiny Whoop conversion and other small scale applications where space is limited, this 2-in-1 combo combines an FPV camera, transmitter and antenna into an incredibly small package. And it’s perfectly compatible with Fat Shark and other popular FPV headsets equipped with analog 5.8GHz receivers. 
Installation is easy and can be done in seconds. No soldering or special skills are required. You simply attach it to your model and plug in a 1S battery (sold separately). A Y-harness connector can be used to connect the camera to the same 1S flight battery that powers the aircraft if you want to eliminate the weight of a separate battery and improve the overall flight performance. Camera may be removed from the mount for additional weight savings and optional mounting methods. 

1.Input voltage: 2.7v-5v,powered by 1S battery
2.Working frequency: 5.8GHz
3.Output power: 25mW
4.Power consumption: 350mA@3.7v,250mA@5v
5.Camera resolution: 600TVL
6.Mini illumination: 1.0 lux
7.Field of view: 125° viewing angle
8.Antenna: dipole antenna or RHCP antenna 
9.Video format: NTSC
10.Available channel: 37 channels with Raceband: 5658-5917MHz
11.Dimension: PCB 17X14mm,encased 39x25x42mm (L*W*H)
12.Weight: 3.88g(uncased),4.88g(uncased)

1.All-in-one,super small and lightweight.Camera+5.8GHz Vtx+Antenna+OSD
2.Wide viewing angle 125 degree Real-time 600TVL camera
3.Integrated on screen display
4.US legal 37 channels with raceband
5.Support PWM signal control
6.Power off memory 

7.Super small and lightweight 
8.With OSD display input voltage, channel, callsign and working time
9.Support PWM siganl control, channel, and OSD can be changed by RC transmitter via PWM signal
10.Power by 1S Li-Po battery
11.With mini plastic housing for Blade Inductrix
12.Flexiable and replaceable antenna
13.Perfect for Tiny Whoop conversions and other micro aircraft FPV applications 

Package included:
1 x FXT FX805-OSD 600TVL Camera AIO 5.8GHz 25mW Vtx 

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FXT FX805-OSD 600TVL NTSC AIO 5.8GHz 25mW 37CH Raceband Camera Vtx Combo Built-In OSD Support PWM

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