Deciding on your Lifetime Hobby for Making Money

This section is for people who are just starting out and want to learn how to make money online doing what they love.

In this section you'll find an entire course on how to get started making money online from home doing something you actually like doing all day. This course is for just about everyone. We have a starting point for those not wanting to spend any money to get started as well as ideas and how to guides for those with money to invest.

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Deciding on your Lifetime Hobby for Making Money

Post by admin » Sat Dec 29, 2018 8:41 pm

Your lifetime hobby is a hobby or passion that you know in your heart that you will be doing until the day you die.

For me, I have a few of them. My first love is for fishing. I'm fishing nuts and I can go fishing for 17 hours a day and still love the idea of going again tomorrow.

Don't worry if you don't have a love for something like that, we're going to find that together and get you going.

I have a passion but there's no way to make money from it! WRONG, I'll say it again, wrong wrong wrongity wrong wrong.

Don't make me say it again, that's just wrong.

There's no way to make money from something people love doing, no one is going to pay me to do it. Super wrong.

We have a section on the forum where you can post your lifetime hobby and I'll help you to find ways to make money.

Let's do some examples.

Let's say you love football. I'm not a huge fan but ok. What you need is something to write about or take photos of. That's it. So let's say your so super nuts about football that you go to every college game you can, you play constantly and you go to every major game too. Take a camera with you. Even if it's just your cell phone. There are a thousand things you can take photos of and this is part of what I'll be teaching you. How to recognize the love of the hobby/sport and capture it for your money making pleasure.

Take a close up photo of the next football you see. Play with the features on your cell phone camera like blur the edges and up the colour of the grass. Next, post it on your new instagram account or facebook account with hashtags and watch the likes come flying in. Attach a link to commission paying company and you'll cash in.

But this section is about showing you that you can make money doing ANYTHING you want. Don't sell your self short on what you truly love to do. Don't pick something that you think might make more money that something else. Make it something you love doing.

The only thing you need to take away from this section is knowing that you can pick ANYTHING. Do you grow bonsai trees? PERFECT there's a lot of money to be made there. Do you garden in your back yard all day long wishing you had more space to plant more plants? Awesome!! there's a ton of money to be made there. Do you drink beer in your spare time, yup you guessed it, there's money to be made there. Don't believe me? I once made over $1000 a month drinking beer. I would take a photo of beer in a glass and ask people to guess what beer brand and type it was on a facebook group. If you guessed right I would mail you a $25 liquor store gift certificate. I sold a ton of home beer brewing kits, beer cozy, bottle openers like the homer simpson audio bottle opener. Seriously, I love coming up with this crap and can't wait to start working with you. It's my gift and I'm going to share it with the world.

What ever your Lifetime hobby is, I can teach you to take photos of your craft, get excited about it, get other people excited about it and make money. You'll need a camera and some very basic photography know how. All of which will be explained. The label that people are giving this kind of money making activity is called a social media influencer. Eventually as you gain followers the big companies in these trades will come to you and pay you for your posts and activities. You'll become sponsored, there's no end to the possibilities.

Can't stand photography? That's not a problem either. You'll quickly get to the point where you have the cash to pay college kids to come do the photography and posting for you. You'll be enjoying your Lifetime hobby 100% and have a personal photographer doing the work.

Let's get back to it. Pick your trade or as I've been calling it, your lifetime hobby. It's that one thing you'll love doing for your whole life. You can have more than one, you don't have to pull your hair out trying to decide which one of your things you love more. If you have a few that's great.

But for those that have no hobby and no idea what they would do that's ok. We'll start with something easy. Walking.

Are you fit enough to get outside and go to your local park? Great. Your new lifetime hobby will be hiking. Not the Oh MY GOD grueling hiking you might be dreading but the flat path pretty walks through the park. And stop yourself if you're thinking panic feelings of "everyone goes there and there's not way to make money from my local park". You'll get little tiny photos of things that no one else will be thinking of. You'll need a camera or a smart phone. Get a smart phone and save yourself the trouble of learning a camera if you're not that into it. You can even get a smart phone without the data plan and just use your home wifi to do the uploading. If you're a park walk person please email me at and I'll point you in the right direction to get going.

Most of you will know damn well what you want to be doing. Please go to the main forum and look for the ideas section. Post your dream lifetime hobby and I'll respond with how to make it profitable.

Ideas for how to make money online

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