Chapter 1 - Introduction

This section is for people who are just starting out and want to learn how to make money online doing what they love.

In this section you'll find an entire course on how to get started making money online from home doing something you actually like doing all day. This course is for just about everyone. We have a starting point for those not wanting to spend any money to get started as well as ideas and how to guides for those with money to invest.

We hope you will share this website with friends and help us keep the entire website free of cost to you the viewer. We're tired of people taking money from wanting to succeed, it's time to make knowledge like this free to all who want it.
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Chapter 1 - Introduction

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Congrats on deciding to take this course!

You will never be asked to pay for this information. My name is Ryan and I can't wait to teach you everything I know. The only payment you can ever give me that I want is reviews on Google for this business, 5 stars please haha. If you can link to this website from your blog you will have paid me in full for this valuable information I'm about to give you. Don't worry about doing this now, we're going to make you some money first.

Share this information with people who need it and together we can make this a better world.

Will I be asked to pay for the last chapter that has all the secrets?
No, I hate people that do this. It's the classic move on all the videos you see on facebook telling you how to make millions of dollars online and then they expect you to pay before knowing if it works.

Why are you doing this for free Ryan?
I hate that the world has to default to "nothing is free" or that everyone is against each other and pay me pay me pay me. I have advertising on this site that pays my bills. The business model allows you the reader to gain actual knowledge without having to lose money first. I'm very energized by the fact that you will make money first, before I do. I know that it will come back to me and I'm good with it. I also bought a new keyboard and typing on it is like an orgasm for my fingers so here I go.

I don't see any testimonials about your program and courses, why not?
I love this question, I really do. The answer: I'm not selling you anything so I don't have to make up testimonials like everyone else.

So what do I have to do to make money using this course?
1. Decide what your "Hobby" is. What do you love doing all day? Fishing, knitting, football, no idea? That's ok I'll teach you to find it.
2. Choose the right company to promote, don't worry I teach you this too.
3. Build a following. It's easy, just take lots of photos and write about stuff you think is cool and fun.
4. Spend 20% of what you make on advertising on facebook, in google search, in a magazine.
5. Live happily ever after.
It's totally up to you how much time and effort you put into this. You don't have to be a techie person and you don't have to run a website. If you want to learn about that stuff later on you can. Take it slowly and master each level. The beginners level starts with you deciding on a company to align with. Companies like Amazon, Ebay, Banggood and thousands of others are DYING to get you signed up. You don't pay them anything and you don't have to provide a resume and beg for the position. Once aligned with the company of your choice (I'll guide you through the process and you can even email me and ask how) you will be given a link that you will copy and paste into forums, facebook groups and blogs. When people click this link it's TRACKED! It's tracked to a level that if someone buys something you will get a commission. Once you get a commission I'll teach you what to do with this money to become richer than you ever thought possible. I'll explain why the rich get richer (that's you) and the poor get richer (that used to be you). I hate the saying the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Maybe the poor will get poorer in my dream world but there will be fewer and fewer of them until everyone has access to the money they need. Anyway the rich get richer because they buy stocks that pay them a profit. It's called dividends. Dividends are where you sit back and watch money go into your bank account for you to buy more stocks that pay you more dividends. That's the secret right there. The one reason the rich get richer. When you're a millionaire and you put 1 million dollars into a stock that pays a 7% dividend you get $70,000 a year paid to you in cash simply because you're the owner of the stock. Can you believe that? Yup that's where all the profits go from business. To the share holders and very soon you're going to become a share holder.

How do I buy stocks, I've never done that before?
It's very easy to do. You open an account with an online broker like - this is who I use. As you earn money from this course you simply put in a buy order for a company that pays dividens. Don't worry I teach you everything you need to know here too. How to do it and what stocks to buy. There are stocks that pay a dividend to you every month. For example, you buy a stock for $25 a share. It pays you a dividend every month simply because you're the owner of it. A month later you suddenly need money for a car. No problem you can sell the stock for the going price, maybe it's gone up, maybe it's gone down or most likely it's still the same price as what you bought it. You can get all of your money back and you keep the dividends. If you still don't want to buy stocks like this that's ok, you can take the money you earn and give it to a financial adviser.

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