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If you have a service such as real estate, trades like plumbing and electrical, consulting or home repairs please use this forum.
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Star Air Vision Virtual Tours

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Hi everyone,

This is an example post for the services section. My name is Ryan and I run a small virtual tours photography business for real estate.

My list of services includes virtual tour, floor plans, photos and videos. I also do aerial photography with drones and have a standing SFOC for flying in BC.

Google Approved Photographer

One of my favorite things to do is Google Street View virtual tours for businesses in Surrey. I love how much it can help a business to get better clients and customers. Virtual tours can really let a person know what to expect before they decide to travel to the site. When someone can see that the hobby store sells mostly cars and trucks instead of drones they'll know not to waste their time and the business owner's time.

When someone sees that a salon has those amazing reclining leather luxury chairs they know they've found the right place and will be happy before they even arrive. They'll know that they've found the right place for their hard earned money.

Bed and breakfasts will be able to make a viewer fall in love before arriving with a very realistic expectation. The rates of unhappy customers drops and the reviews will sky rocket.

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