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Lifetime Hobbies – Free e-learning for people who want to make money online doing what they love.

The first step to making money online

Knowing what you want to do for fun. It’s very important that you’re having fun or it just won’t be worth doing. You might as well stay at a day job and collect a paycheck.

Next, start making money with what you love to do for fun. It’s very easy to make money on social media and we teach you everything you need to know. There are more than 50 different ways to make money with this, some take lots of work and some take very little. What ever your style, be honest with yourself about what you prefer. 

Third, you’ll need to know what to DO with the money you’re earning if you want to get rich. It’s not hard to make money online but it’s very hard to make enough money online to become rich because of it. Example, it’s not hard to make $2000 a month online, but you’ll never become rich with that amount. What you need to do is bank a portion of that money into a dividend paying stock. It’s the very key to how the rich get richer. We teach it all here and it’s all free.

Second, Ignore the ads charging you for this information.

When you see ads saying that someone quit their job and travels the world making tons of money and they want to charge you please don’t support them. This information should be free and open to anyone who wants to do it. It’s fine if they tell you how and then want to charge you for one on one consulting but to flash cars, beaches and bikinis in your face only to slap you with a $250 membership fee should be illegal. 

We have a section on our forum for reviews of these system. Make sure to check it out before purchasing. If you have purchased one and didn’t like them, please post a review and warn others. 

Here’s the list of things you’ll learn:

You’ll find out what you love to do (if you don’t know already) and how to turn that love into money. You can email me or add me on facebook and ask questions at any time,

Let’s say you love skateboarding but you’re not good enough to win a competition, win a race or get a sponsorship. How the hell am I supposed to make money skateboarding?

There are a ton of options, the basic idea is that you’ll take a skateboard you own and take photos of it. You’ll upload those photos to our forum (or your own later on) and write a review about. You already own it, and believe it or not lots of other people are looking into the board you have. Even if they’re buying USED!! You’re not selling your board, you’re just telling that person about the board. How well it rides, what are it’s downfalls. Here’s the punchline, in the review you write there will be links to big websites like Amazon, ebay, banggood, gearbest and so many others for replacement parts, where to buy the board online, mods to the board and the list is endless. These magic links are called affiliate links. If anyone click them and buys something you will get a cut.

Here’s where I come in, I teach you how to write these reviews and I love giving out ideas of what to do next. 

The big players in this game you’ve seen already. They’re the OMG talent pros that can upload a video of themselves walking down the street and get 100,000 hits. Take a close look at the description in the videos on youtube. You’ll see links and those links make them MONEY.

It’s really just that simple. Attract a few viewers, show them cool links and watch the payments roll in. 

Let’s go through some more examples with some fictional names.

Jane wants to make money online. She hates her job selling cell phones, her boss is too pushy and the customers just want her to download apps and fix their phones instead of buying. 

What Jane really loves is lounging in the sun on tropical beaches. Right now you’re thinking good luck… no one gets paid to sit on tropical beaches. WRONG!! Super OMG hahahahah WRONG!

Here’s what I would tell Jane. Get a camera. Order yourself a BRAND NEW BIKINI from Amazon. 

Jane’s reply: Ok I have a decent camera on my phone will that work? 

Ryan: Yes that’s fine.

Jane’s reply: Ok, I have no money this month for a new bikini, things have been tight lately, maybe I should just give up.

Ryan: Hell nooooo!! Jane get in your closet right now and pick out 20 things you don’t wear. Get that damn camera out and take pictures of the outfits, jewelry, scarfs what ever you’re willing to sell in order to accomplish your dreams.

Jane: Ryan, why am I selling my clothes?

Ryan: Because you’re going to get rid of things you don’t want anymore and use the money to buy things you DO want, just trust me. Sell some stuff and buy 3 new bikinis or bathing suits that you really want and are popular.

A week goes by:

Jane: Ok Ryan, I was shocked at how fast my stuff sold. I had always bought stuff of the sales rack but I guess I have good taste because I made $220 dollars selling 4 items. They all sold in like a day and I ordered 3 bathing suits from amazon. Waiting for them to arrive. Waiting for you to tell me why I’m doing this…

Ryan: Just tell me when they arrive and I’ll fill you in.

Jane: Ok they’re here and wow I love them. I don’t even miss the other stuff. I’m dying to find out what I do next. 

Ryan: Nice!! Glad you like them. Here’s what you do next. Put them on and take photos of yourself in the mirror modeling them. 

Jane: Oh hell no you didn’t tell me that!!

Ryan: Haha up to you, I say don’t be chicken but if you really don’t want to there’s other ways. One, get a friend to wear them that wants to be a model and you take photos of her. Two, just put them on the bed or the floor and take photos of them. 

Next, do a search in google for the name brand and make/model/name of the bathing suits. Find forums and blogs that are talking about those exact things. Share your photos on those posts and tell people you can’t wait to get to the beach in these things and break them in!!

I still say don’t be a chicken and get in those suits and be a model! But up to you.

Also, go to amazon and sign up as an associate. Do a search for amazon associate program. You’ll need to get links from that program to the products you bought. Let me know if you need help with this. Do a youtube search for how to make links to products and teach your self their system.

Add those links to the post you make online on youtube videos, facebook posts, facebook groups and things like that. Join my forum on this website and ask for help with ideas.

Jane: Ok, I’ve made a few post and got my links going. I’m really shocked to see click coming through already. This is awesome!! But you said I would be getting paid to sit on a beach doing this, not complaining so far this has been amazing!!

Ryan: You will in good time be making enough money to start travelling the world from your commissions. You’ll gain even more followers and more traffic. For people who can afford to do an all inclusive vacation they will be way ahead. Get photos of yourself on vacation in the bathing suites because they will attract a lot of attention that way. Especially if you can get to the gym and be fit. If not there are lots of other ways too. For you Jane, right now money is too tight. But as you use this system to make your first commission… Don’t Don’t Don’t spend the money on anything other that getting paid in amazon gift cards. You’re going to use the commissions to buy new things to show off online. The more posts you make, the more money will roll in. The first posts you ever make will be around for years to come providing income that will pay for the next level.

As more money comes, you’ll have more money to buy new things and gain new traffic. 

Jane: OMG!!! $8 commission on day three!!! WHOA it’s not much but omg omg omg this exciting. I’ve been trying to make money online for months and months but never actually got anyone to buy anything. I feel like this is really possible and I’m in the right place. Thanks again!!

To anyone reading this, please remember that all the information you need to make lots of money in fun and exciting ways is available online for FREE!!!

Do not pay someone for this information from ads you saw on facebook with some bonehead showing off his expensive car. He’s not rich!!! That’s a nice car he saw walking on the street, it’s not even his!! It’s a trick to get your money or push they’re products.

Everything you need to know is here and available for free. All I ask is that you share a link to my website where ever you can.


Here’s a real world example and one of my favorite posts I’ve ever written. It’s also my first post. 

I love fishing. Like LOVE it. When I’m out fishing the time just seems to disapear, life is good and nothing can bother me. It’s how I recharge my “love life” battery. 

Now, you don’t have to own a product in order to review it. This is a very important statement that will allow you to make money and then START purchasing equipment in order to make MORE money. Seriously, what you do is find something you WISH you had. Go to our forum and start a post in the right category. In that post you will write about what other people have said. The service you’re providing to the readers of YOUR post is that you are “cutting through the crap” for them. You’ll take just the valid points from the other reviews and either warn people of the bad stuff or give them the go ahead to purchase. Don’t worry about your brain telling you not to warn people, you will still make sales.

Ok back to the real world example:

Study that post and study it hard. Because it’s how you can change your life. It only took a few minutes to write that. I took a product I wanted and wrote about what I would do with it. For example, the boat is designed to take bait out into the water to attract or feed fish. But what I did was come up with other ideas that you could use this for and get people excited about actually buying one. 

I used this boat to take my lure out into the water and dump it off. Then slowly reel in the lure like I was able to cast 100 meter out into the lake (which I can’t do without the boat).

Every one of those links are affiliate links. They are specially tracked by big name websites to give me a commission on everything that’s sold. 

This is the essence of passive income. Once you’ve written the post you can move onto the next one. That post might make you an income over the next 20 years or more. You never have to deal with customers, you never have to deal with returns or broken products or liars trying to get a refund. You’re at the beach getting emails in your inbox that say “congrats a new commission has just arrived”.

There’s so many millions of products out there. The hardest part is deciding where to start. Do a search on Amazon with your favorite hobby. Just a very generic word like for me “fishing” or “drones” or “electric surfboard” and start going through the list of products until you see:

Something you wish you had
Something with good reviews and more than 5 reviews
Something you can dream up a side project for

And most importantly:

Something you can tell people “all about” even though you’ve never had one.

Later on when you’re making money you’ll be shown how to take 30% of what you make to buy more super cool toys. After a while you’ll have a bunch of toys like 10 that all cost around $300. Don’t worry it’ll be because of all the money you’ve made.

Then all you’ll do is sell those toys after taking photos and doing a review on Craigslist and use that money to buy new toys. You can keep the old toys if you want but I warn you, you’ll have more toys than you know what to do with and no time to play with them because you’ll be on your electric surfboard going fishing with me.

At any time if you you’re stuck for ideas just make a post with as many words as possible like 2-3 lines of text. Then once it’s posted just copy and paste the link to that post into the help section. Any time I see someone struggling I’ll help you with ideas for the post.

So why post on this website and not my own?

Great question, lucky for all of us there’s a great answer too.

There’s safety in numbers. You might think that everyone on this site is just trying to sell to each other but that’s not the case at all. 

When you make a post on this website the search engines see it.

They list your post in the search results and start delivering traffic to the post. This website is not a competition between users. The more posts a site has, the better it does in the search engines. 

Feel free to take this information away and use it on your own site. I have my dream life and now I’m hoping to help others the way people have helped me. That’s why:

There’s no charge to use this website
There’s no charge to learn the information

I love creating wealth in others, soon you’ll get there too.


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